Pokémon Rumours: The word on the street and internet avenue about the next Pokémon games

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Pokémon is somewhat of a phenomenon. It seems to be one of the very few RPG games out there that doesn’t evoke a divisive love/hate reaction from its intended audience. I’ve seen many people that are merely tolerant of it, some that are indifferent, and some that love it one day and hate it the next. It is rare that an RPG game can make people grow to love it, and some people grow to hate it after years of fandom. This is no time to weight up the merits and drawbacks of each generation of Pokémon games however: the point is that those who choose to play the games often become extremely passionate about them, even if they grow to dislike the new versions of Pokémon. As a die-hard Red and Blue fan from the beginning, I lost favour with the series, that is until Black and White Version 2 pulled me right back in with extreme force. Now that X and Y are upon us however, I find myself already looking forward to what’s next in the series. HM removal? A dramatic landing on the Wii U? Changes to gameplay mechanics? Here’s just a few things that are expected and/or hoped about Pokémon’s future, which may very well come in the form of Pokemon Plus and Minus.

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Pokemon Ultimate Handbook – A Literary Review (of sorts)

pokemon ultimate handbook


I’m going to go ahead and admit something that many 24-year-old males of any standing in society (of which I have very little; I mean who do I think I am, Rod Stewart?) would traditionally be too embarrassed to reveal in the public domain: I still love Pokemon. From the days of picking up my original Gameboy (no colour in sight) and spending ridiculous numbers of consecutive hours on Pokemon Red and Blue to the graphically-enhanced, multi-dimensional Pokemon Black and White Version 2 that take advantage of the full spectrum of colour, I still enjoy the merry hell out of it. I’m hoping that I’m not alone on my passion for pocket monsters, since I’ve recently wrapped my oculars around the very informative ‘Pokemon Handbook’. Since the whole essence of Pokemon is to catch and train, it makes sense to gather as much information as possible about the kinds of creatures that are out there, their possible advantages to your adventure and indeed the very nature and origin of each and every one. The Pokemon handbook brings all this information together in one simply-written, fully-illustrated, fully-informed, and (perhaps most importantly), fully-alphabetical work of informative literature, and today I’m delving into its efficacy as a source of Pokemon information.
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Pokemon Black Version 2 Wiki, Guide

pokemon black version 2 guide


Anyone that has played any one of the many Pokémon titles in existence today will know that they are a pretty complex affair. It soon becomes obvious after more than ten minutes of playing that the seemingly simple adventure actually involves a remarkable amount of strategy, significant forethought, and a fair bit of prior knowledge about Pokémon and the world which they inhabit. I cannot hope, therefore, to impart all of the knowledge required for absolute victory over and the championing of such a relatively complex game; I will leave this to the infinitely more comprehensive and highly Googleable FAQs available in great number on the internet.

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Pokemon Rumble Blast 2: What We Want Next

pokemon rumble blast: feature screenshot

Whenever embarking upon a journey through a Pokémon game in general, I firstly ask myself whether or not it is a main-title game. If the answer is yes, then I unequivocally know that I’m in for quite the entertaining adventure. If the game is a spin-off, I always find myself struggling to accept what the game is offering me. Luckily, Pokemon Rumble Blast is a title that hails from the better side of the fence that sits smack in the middle of the good/bad divide of Pokémon spin-offs. It isn’t a remarkably pretty title, and it didn’t compel me to perform cartwheels of joy in the street in celebration of my feelings towards it, but the game is based on a playful premise and alternate battle format and I quite enjoyed the whole thing. This enjoyment is to such an extent that I quite look forward to a sequel of the game, and I wouldn’t mind getting out in the open air some thoughts and ideas on what would make a Pokemon Rumble Blast 2 a title to behold. The open air in this case is the internet, and it is up to you whether you breathe it in or not: this is a metaphor for reading what I’ve written.

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Pokemon White Version 3: What We’d Love to See

Pokemon White Version 3 Game
There isn’t a true Pokémon fan in the world that doesn’t enjoy a good pondering of the future of the game: where it’s going to go next time, the region that will be explored, the gyms and their leaders, the Pokémon and their evolutions, and indeed whether we’ll ever see a deviation from the Rival/Gym Leaders/Evil Protagonist bent on using Pokémon for their own ends/Elite Four/Champion/Hall of Fame/Post-Game activities format. Whew, if I were speaking that out loud I’d need to take a breath, but luckily I’m communicating to you through the medium of written word, so no pause is necessary here: I simply like to muse about the future of Pokémon. Having played all of the main-series games from Generation I to V, I feel like I’ve been there from the beginning (probably because I have), I always enjoy a good look to the future and getting a few neurons firing about what would make the next sequel an even more entertaining experience than the previous. These are just a few ideas that would be present in the Pokémon White Version 3 game that I have in my own imagination (bearing in mind it’s an odd place at the best of times).

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Pokemon Black Version 3: What We’d Love to See

Pokemon Black Version 3

Oh, Pokémon, you sure know how to rope me into your franchise; time after time and game after game I’m pulled in for yet another initially-reluctant but eventually eager playing of the entire thing, at the cost of a colossal number of hours of my life (I would only have wasted them on something productive like work or having friends, anyway). After I finally finished Pokémon Red and Blue all those years ago, I assumed that because of eventually growing weary the games, my busy schedule (I had school lessons to neglect, after all) and quite frankly my age (which had surpassed that of one which is acceptable for playing Pokémon), that I would never pick up another Pokémon title as long as I lived.

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Pokemon Rumble Blast Wiki, Essentials Guide

Introductory Tomfoolery

Pokémon Rumble Blast (or known alternatively as Pokémon Rumble Blast in further shores) is the first Pokémon game to be designed and released for the 3DS, featuring almost every single Pokémon from the entire five generations of the game (with a few exceptions). It is an action-packed, 3D adventure in which the usual turn-based battling format is replaced with real-time action as you take control of the Pokémon themselves (albeit in toy form) and guide them through a variety of terrain, picking up new Pokémon along the way by defeating the Pokémon around you. For the first time, you are in full control of the movement of your Pokémon as they battle against multiple enemies in their own habitats, giving the battles a dimension that the main-series games do not possess. Because of the time I’ve spent playing the game, I thought that I might as well pop a few thoughts down onto paper and enter them into digital record so that people can be free to choose whether to read or ignore them.

Pokemon Rumble Blast game: feature screenshot

Pikachu stares into your soul while the rest of the Pokémon as distinctly unimpressed

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Pokedex Mobile Comparison – 649 Pokemon, Two Dexes, One Winner


If I were to tell you that I wasn’t all that interested in Pokémon, this would be a lie of such unbelievably expansive magnitude that even the mere utterance of it would twist my conscience into such disrepair as to kill it entirely (poor Jiminy Cricket, he only ever wanted the best for me). I grew up with Pokémon – and by this I mean the games and not a psychotic imagining of the creatures themselves – and with each generation that passes I somehow love it even more than I did the previous. It therefore won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I am a fan of the various Pokédex-related products out there.

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Pokemon Black Version 2 Review


Before the release of Pokémon Black and White Version 2, I could have been described as somewhat of a disillusioned fan of the Pokémon franchise. Having once been a devotee of the Generation I games, I would spend literally hours on end with a Gameboy Colour in my hands, an intensive stare in my eye and ‘catch ‘em all’ spirit burning firmly in my heart. I would eventually amass days upon days of active gameplay, complete the games with a heavy sigh that indicated a mixture of relief and what I like to refer to as “finisher’s anguish” and simply wait for the next games to be released. Even though release day finally arrived for the second generation of games, my spirit for the game had long since waned, surrendering to feelings of disappointment, scepticism, and downright indifference for all things Pokémon. Enter Pokémon Black Version 2, and all of this scepticism all but evaporated.

Pokemom Black Version: Main Screen

Lack of 3D gameplay doesn’t hold Pokémon Black Version 2 back one little bit, and it’s clear from the opening sequences that these newest sequels mean considerable business.

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