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Pokemon Black Version 2 Wiki, Guide

pokemon black version 2 guide


Anyone that has played any one of the many Pokémon titles in existence today will know that they are a pretty complex affair. It soon becomes obvious after more than ten minutes of playing that the seemingly simple adventure actually involves a remarkable amount of strategy, significant forethought, and a fair bit of prior knowledge about Pokémon and the world which they inhabit. I cannot hope, therefore, to impart all of the knowledge required for absolute victory over and the championing of such a relatively complex game; I will leave this to the infinitely more comprehensive and highly Googleable FAQs available in great number on the internet.

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Pokemon Rumble Blast Wiki, Essentials Guide

Introductory Tomfoolery

Pokémon Rumble Blast (or known alternatively as Pokémon Rumble Blast in further shores) is the first Pokémon game to be designed and released for the 3DS, featuring almost every single Pokémon from the entire five generations of the game (with a few exceptions). It is an action-packed, 3D adventure in which the usual turn-based battling format is replaced with real-time action as you take control of the Pokémon themselves (albeit in toy form) and guide them through a variety of terrain, picking up new Pokémon along the way by defeating the Pokémon around you. For the first time, you are in full control of the movement of your Pokémon as they battle against multiple enemies in their own habitats, giving the battles a dimension that the main-series games do not possess. Because of the time I’ve spent playing the game, I thought that I might as well pop a few thoughts down onto paper and enter them into digital record so that people can be free to choose whether to read or ignore them.

Pokemon Rumble Blast game: feature screenshot

Pikachu stares into your soul while the rest of the Pokémon as distinctly unimpressed

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